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Friday, August 26, 2016

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III - user opinions and reviews (GSMArena)

User Opinion Review Samsung Galaxy S III this taken from page Gsma Arena Samsung Galaxy S 3

samsung galaxy s 3
Samsung Galaxy S 3

  • I got the S3 yesterday, since I owned a iPhone 4S here the comparison:

DESIGN: Galaxy S3 design is stunning, the feeling on hands is incredible. The ergonomics makes all the difference. The iPhone 4S is very squarish and definitely more solid but heavier too (way heavier);
SCREEN: Galaxy S3 screen is wonderful with vivid colours and sharp imaages, 4,8 inches vs 3.5 of the iPhone, after you make the transition you wont never come back, impossible.
OPERATING SYSTEM: S3 usability is a boom. iPhone is good but never at the level of the S3, way way slower.
BATTERY: S3 gets full day + 30% remaining battery, iPhone last till four or five PM;
GPS: Galaxy S3 gets locked in less than 10 seconds inside a building, iPhone searches and searches with no success;
CAMERA: they are very similar, S3 is faster and iPhone is may be a bit better in term of quality. No dramatic difference.
S-VOICE vs SIRI: they are both very basic and more fun than usefull.
USB-BLUETOOTH: iPhone only works with iTunes, no Bluetooth, no radio. Galaxy S3 can be usb-connected to computers and flashmemory, it has easy bluetooth connection and yes ... it has an amazing radio :)
APPS: to be sincere, all relevants apps in iPhones are present in Android. They have better design but they are at payment while in Android are always free. No mayor differences.

  • Galaxy S3 is an extraordinary good purchase. Recommended for all ex-iPhone users. You wont regret, there is a world outside iTunes :)

Best phone i never saw a better videos in a mobile this mobile is complete winner go for it u feel proud s3 i love u

Max Heap Sizes and Available Memory in Android

Two questions about max heap sizes and available memory in android

android memory available

I see that the Heap Size is automatically increased as the app needs it, up to whatever the phone's Max Heap Size is. I also see that the Max Heap Size is different depending on the device.

So my first question is, what are the typical Max Heap Sizes on Android devices? I have tested memory allocation on one phone that was able to use a heap over 40mb while another gave out OutOfMemory errors in the 20's mbs. What are the lowest that are in common use and what are the highest that are on common devices? Is there a standard or average?

The second question, and more important one, is how to ensure you are able to use the resources available per device but avoid using too much? I know there are methods such as onLowMemory() but those seem to be only for the entire system memory, not just the heap for your specific application.

Is there a way to detect the max heap size for the device and also detect when the available heap memory is reaching a low point for your application?

For example, if the device only allowed a max heap of 24mb and the app was nearing that limit in allocation, then it could detect and scale back. However, if the device could comfortably handle more, it would be able to take advantage of what is available.

The Best Answer For That Question

Early devices had a per-app cap of 16MB. Later devices increased that to 24MB. Future devices will likely have even more available.

The value is a reflection of the physical memory available on the device and the properties of the display device (because a larger screen capable of displaying more colors will usually require larger bitmaps).

I read an article not too long ago that pointed out that garbage-collecting allocators are essentially modeling a machine with infinite memory. You can allocate as much as you want and it'll take care of the details. Android mostly works this way; you keep hard references to the stuff you need, soft/weak references to stuff you might not, and discard references to the stuff you'll never need again. The GC sorts it all out.

In your particular case, you'd use soft references to keep around the things that you don't need to have in memory, but would like to keep if there's enough room.

This starts to fall apart with bitmaps, largely because of some early design decisions that resulted in the "external allocation" mechanism. Further, the soft reference mechanism needs some tuning -- the initial version tended to either keep everything or discard everything.

The Dalvik heap is under active development (see e.g. the notes on Android 2.3 "Gingerbread", which introduces a concurrent GC), so hopefully these issues will be addressed in a future release.

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Counter Strike Available On Android Via Unofficial Port

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Since Januari 2012 Counter Strike Available on Android

Counter Strike is without a doubt the first-person-shooter that kickstarted the whole FPS craze and is probably the game we have to thank for the likes of Call of Duty. It singlehandedly spawned an entire genre, and now you can play the classic game on your Android

The clever people over at XDA have begun porting the entire game over to Android and are re-coding the whole thing using the Unity3D platform. Furthermore, the game will support multiplayer and can be downloaded in its current state right now with either Facebook or Kongregate versions available.

counter strike android
Counter Strike Android

There are currently two versions of the game in development – a version 5o for those running devices with Android 2.0+ and a 6p version for those with Android 2.3+. So yes, if you’re sporting a version of Android below the aforementioned ones, then you’re obviously out of luck, either way you should be on the mentioned iterations of Android.

Owners of Sony’s Xperia Play also get an added bonus thanks to improved controls using the device’s gamepad. That means both the people that picked one of these things up will be able to play against each other, but those with an Xperia Play will undoubtedly have an advantage over those who do not, thanks to those improved controls.
The two versions can be downloaded here for the 50 release, and here for the 6p version. Do remember though that these are still very early days for the Counter Strike Android conversion, with plenty of bugs and strange goings on to be expected. The full game will eventually be faithfully recreated, with all the levels we all grew to know and love those many years ago.
With that said, head on over to the links above and give Counter Strike a whirl on your own Android device and let us know how you get on. We can’t wait to try this classic out on a nice Android tablet at some point!
It won’t make us any good at the game though!
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Android Available Space

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Sometimes we need to check available space @ our Android here is step to do this :

There is a very limited amount of internal memory to install Android applications on, so you should be aware of how much Android Available Space.